Sugni Michela

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Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo B
20133 MILANO (MI)

Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo C
20133 MILANO (MI)

Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo A
20133 MILANO (MI)

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wednesday 14.30-15.30
Via Celroia 26, Tower A, ground floor


  • Interactive effects between sinking polyethylene terephthalate (PET) microplastics deriving from water bottles and a benthic grazer / M. Parolini, C. Ferrario, B. De Felice, S. Gazzotti, F. Bonasoro, M.D. Candia Carnevali, M.A. Ortenzi, M. Sugni. - In: JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. - ISSN 0304-3894. - 398(2020 Nov 05).
  • Beyond Adult Stem Cells: Dedifferentiation as a Unifying Mechanism Underlying Regeneration in Invertebrate Deuterostomes / C. Ferrario, M. Sugni, I.M.L. Somorjai, L. Ballarin. - In: FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY. - ISSN 2296-634X. - 8(2020 Oct).
  • From Food Waste to Innovative Biomaterial : Sea Urchin-Derived Collagen for Applications in Skin Regenerative Medicine / C. Ferrario, F. Rusconi, A. Pulaj, R. Macchi, P. Landini, M. Paroni, G. Colombo, T. Martinello, L. Melotti, C. Gomiero, M. Candia Carnevali, F. Bonasoro, M. Patruno, M. Sugni. - In: MARINE DRUGS. - ISSN 1660-3397. - 18:8(2020 Aug 06), pp. 414.1-414.18.
  • Oxidative stress-related effects induced by micronized polyethylene terephthalate microparticles in the Manila clam / M. Parolini, B. De Felice, S. Gazzotti, L. Annunziata, M. Sugni, R. Bacchetta, M.A. Ortenzi. - In: JOURNAL OF TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. PART A. - ISSN 1528-7394. - 83:4(2020 Feb 16), pp. 168-179.
  • Extracellular matrix gene expression during arm regeneration in Amphiura filiformis / C. Ferrario, A. Czarkwiani, D.V. Dylus, L. Piovani, M.D. Candia Carnevali, M. Sugni, P. Oliveri. - In: CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH. - ISSN 0302-766X. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]