Colombo Milena

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Via Mangiagalli, 25
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 19147
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  • Exposure to Different Arsenic Species drives the Establishment of Iron- and Sulfur-oxidizing Bacteria on Rice Root Iron Plaques / S. Zecchin, M. Colombo, L. Cavalca. - In: WORLD JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY. - ISSN 0959-3993. - 35:8(2019 Aug).
  • Transcriptomic Analysis of Two Thioalkalivibrio Species Under Arsenite Stress Revealed a Potential Candidate Gene for an Alternative Arsenite Oxidation Pathway / A. Ahn, L. Cavalca, M. Colombo, J.M. Schuurmans, D.Y. Sorokin, G. Muyzer. - In: FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY. - ISSN 1664-302X. - 10(2019 Jul), pp. 1514.1-1514.14.
  • Microbial bioremediation of aquifer affected by chloroethenes and petroleum hydrocarbon contamination / M. BERTOLINI, S. ZECCHIN, M. COLOMBO, S. FOIANI, L. CAVALCA. ((Intervento presentato al convegno BAGECO 15 Bacterial Genetics and Ecology tenutosi a Lisbona nel 2019.
  • Characterization of As(III) oxidizing Achromobacter sp. strain N2 : effects on arsenic toxicity and translocation in rice / A. Corsini, M. Colombo, S. Zecchin, C. Gardana, P. Simonetti, L. Cavalca. - In: ANNALS OF MICROBIOLOGY. - ISSN 1590-4261. - 68:5(2018 May 01), pp. 295-304.
  • Characterization of the arsenite oxidizer Aliihoeflea sp. strain 2WW and its potential application in the removal of arsenic from groundwater in combination with Pf-ferritin / A. Corsini, M. Colombo, G. Muyzer, L. Cavalca. - In: ANTONIE VAN LEEUWENHOEK. - ISSN 0003-6072. - 108:3(2015 Sep), pp. 673-684.