Crippa Milena

Fixed-term Research Fellow A
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Via IRCCS - Via Zucchi 18 - Cusano Milanino, 18

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  • Exploring by whole exome sequencing patients with initial diagnosis of Rubinstein–Taybi syndrome : the interconnections of epigenetic machinery disorders / G. Negri, P. Magini, D. Milani, M. Crippa, E. Biamino, M. Piccione, S. Sotgiu, C. Perrìa, G. Vitiello, M. Frontali, A. Boni, E. Di Fede, M.C. Gandini, E.A. Colombo, M.J. Bamshad, D.A. Nickerson, J.D. Smith, I. Loddo, P. Finelli, M. Seri, T. Pippucci, L. Larizza, C. Gervasini. - In: HUMAN GENETICS. - ISSN 0340-6717. - 138:3(2019 Mar), pp. 257-269.
  • High-resolution array-CGH analysis on 46,XX patients affected by early onset primary ovarian insufficiency discloses new genes involved in ovarian function / I. Bestetti, C. Castronovo, A. Sironi, C. Caslini, C. Sala, R. Rossetti, M. Crippa, I. Ferrari, A. Pistocchi, D. Toniolo, L. Persani, A. Marozzi, P. Finelli. - In: HUMAN REPRODUCTION. - ISSN 0268-1161. - 34:3(2019 Mar 01), pp. 574-583.
  • A balanced reciprocal translocation t(10;15)(q22.3;q26.1) interrupting ACAN gene in a family with proportionate short stature / M. Crippa, S. Giangiobbe, R. Villa, I. Bestetti, T. De Filippis, L. Fatti, J. Taurino, L. Larizza, L. Persani, F. Bellini, P. Finelli, M. Bonati. - In: JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION. - ISSN 1720-8386. - 41:4(2018 Aug), pp. 929-936.
  • Generation of the Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome type 2 patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cell line (IAIi001-A) carrying the EP300 exon 23 stop mutation c.3829A > T, p.(Lys1277*) / V. Alari, S. Russo, D. Rovina, A. Gowran, M. Garzo, M. Crippa, L. Mazzanti, C. Scalera, E. Prosperi, D. Giardino, C. Gervasini, P. Finelli, G. Pompilio, L. Larizza. - In: STEM CELL RESEARCH. - ISSN 1873-5061. - 30(2018 Jul), pp. 175-179.
  • From Whole Gene Deletion to Point Mutations of EP300-Positive Rubinstein-Taybi Patients : New Insights into the Mutational Spectrum and Peculiar Clinical Hallmarks / G. Negri, P. Magini, D. Milani, P. Colapietro, D. Rusconi, E. Scarano, M.T. Bonati, M. Priolo, M. Crippa, L. Mazzanti, A. Wischmeijer, F. Tamburrino, T. Pippucci, P. Finelli, L. Larizza, C. Gervasini. - In: HUMAN MUTATION. - ISSN 1059-7794. - 37:2(2016 Feb), pp. 175-183.