Maghrebi Moez


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  • Analysis of cadmium root retention for two contrasting rice accessions suggests an important role for OsHMA2 / M. Maghrebi, E. Baldoni, G.A. Lucchini, G. Vigani, G. Valè, G.A. Sacchi, F.F. Nocito. - In: PLANTS. - ISSN 2223-7747. - 10:4(2021 Apr 20). [10.3390/plants10040806]
  • S stable isotope discrimination in rice: isotope vs molecular phenotypes / F. Nocito, V. Cavallaro, M. Caschetto, M. Maghrebi, G.A. Sacchi. ((Intervento presentato al 38. convegno Convegno nazionale della Società italiana di Chimica Agraria tenutosi a Piacenza nel 2020.
  • Continuous Flooding or Alternate Wetting and Drying Differently Affect the Accumulation of Health-Promoting Phytochemicals and Minerals in Rice Brown Grain / G. Orasen, P. De Nisi, G. Lucchini, A. Abruzzese, M. Pesenti, M. Maghrebi, A. Kumar, F.F. Nocito, E. Baldoni, S. Morgutti, N. Negrini, G. Valè, G.A. Sacchi. - In: AGRONOMY. - ISSN 2073-4395. - 9:10(2019 Oct 11), pp. 628.1-628.17.
  • Sulfur isotope mass balance reveals 32S/34S fractionation during sulfate uptake and translocation in rice / V. Cavallaro, M. Caschetto, M. Maghrebi, G.A. Sacchi, F.F. Nocito. ((Intervento presentato al 1. convegno Joint Meeting on Soil and Plant System Sciences tenutosi a Bari nel 2019.
  • Neurice Project-Identification of genes involved in salt tolerance in rice: GWAS approach / A. Abruzzese, E. Baldoni, P. De Nisi, M. Dell’Orto, G. Lucchini, M. Maghrebi, S. Morgutti, M. Hazarika, N. Negrini, F.F. Nocito, G. Orasen, M. Pesenti, A.C. Rai, G.P. Vigani, G.A. Sacchi. ((Intervento presentato al convegno Rice Days UNIMI tenutosi a Milano nel 2018.