Beltrame Monica Daniela

Research Fellow
Competition sector



Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo B
20133 MILANO (MI)

Office phone number
02503 15025
Additional phone numbers
02 5031.5024
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  • The Lysine Methylase {SMYD}3 Modulates Mesendodermal Commitment during Development / R. Fittipaldi, P. Floris, V. Proserpio, F. Cotelli, M.D. Beltrame, G. Caretti. - In: CELLS. - ISSN 2073-4409. - 10:5(2021 May 18), pp. 1233.1-1233.15. [10.3390/cells10051233]
  • Glycogen storage in a zebrafish Pompe disease model is reduced by 3-BrPA treatment / C. Bragato, S. Carra, F. Blasevich, F. Salerno, A. Brix, A. Bassi, M. Beltrame, F. Cotelli, L. Maggi, R. Mantegazza, M. Mora. - In: BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA. MOLECULAR BASIS OF DISEASE. - ISSN 0925-4439. - 1866:5(2020), pp. 165662.1-165662.14.
  • Advantages and Challenges of Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Studies in Zebrafish Research / M.M. Santoro, M. Beltrame, D. Panáková, A.F. Siekmann, N. Tiso, M. Venero Galanternik, H.M. Jung, B.M. Weinstein. - In: FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY. - ISSN 2296-634X. - 7(2019 May 28), pp. 89.1-89.7.
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  • ESCRT genes and regulation of developmental signaling / D. Horner, M..E. Pasini, M. Beltrame, V. Mastrodonato, E. Morelli, T. Vaccari. - In: SEMINARS IN CELL & DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY. - ISSN 1084-9521. - (2017 Aug 25). [Epub ahead of print]