Finelli Palma

Tenured Associate Professor
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Via Zucchi, 18

Via Fratelli Cervi, 93
20090 SEGRATE (MI)

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02503 30361
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  • Fundamental role of BMP15 in human ovarian folliculogenesis revealed by null and missense mutations associated with primary ovarian insufficiency / R. Rossetti, I. Ferrari, I. Bestetti, S. Moleri, F. Brancati, L. Petrone, P. Finelli, L. Persani. - In: HUMAN MUTATION. - ISSN 1059-7794. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Molecular Etiology Disclosed by Array CGH in Patients With Silver–Russell Syndrome or Similar Phenotypes / M. Crippa, M.T. Bonati, L. Calzari, C. Picinelli, C. Gervasini, A. Sironi, I. Bestetti, S. Guzzetti, S. Bellone, A. Selicorni, A. Mussa, A. Riccio, G.B. Ferrero, S. Russo, L. Larizza, P. Finelli. - In: FRONTIERS IN GENETICS. - ISSN 1664-8021. - 10(2019 Oct 15), pp. 955.1-955.13.
  • Generation of three iPSC lines (IAIi002, IAIi004, IAIi003) from Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome 1 patients carrying CREBBP non sense c.4435G>T, p.(Gly1479*) and c.3474G>A, p.(Trp1158*) and missense c.4627G>T, p.(Asp1543Tyr) mutations / V. Alari, S. Russo, D. Rovina, M. Garzo, M. Crippa, L. Calzari, C. Scalera, D. Concolino, E. Castiglioni, D. Giardino, E. Prosperi, P. Finelli, C. Gervasini, A. Gowran, L. Larizza. - In: STEM CELL RESEARCH. - ISSN 1873-5061. - 40(2019 Oct).
  • 9q34.3 microduplications lead to neurodevelopmental disorders through EHMT1 overexpression / M. Bonati, C. Castronovo, A. Sironi, D. Zimbalatti, I. Bestetti, M. Crippa, A. Novelli, S. Loddo, M. Dentici, J. Taylor, F. Devillard, L. Larizza, P. Finelli. - In: NEUROGENETICS. - ISSN 1364-6745. - 20:3(2019 Aug), pp. 145-154.
  • High-resolution array-CGH analysis on 46,XX patients affected by early onset primary ovarian insufficiency discloses new genes involved in ovarian function / I. Bestetti, C. Castronovo, A. Sironi, C. Caslini, C. Sala, R. Rossetti, M. Crippa, I. Ferrari, A. Pistocchi, D. Toniolo, L. Persani, A. Marozzi, P. Finelli. - In: HUMAN REPRODUCTION. - ISSN 0268-1161. - 34:3(2019 Mar 01), pp. 574-583.