Fogagnolo Paolo

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Via di Rudinì, 8
20142 MILANO

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  • The volume of peripapillary vessels within the retinal nerve fibre layer: an optical coherence tomography angiography study of normal subjects / D. Allegrini, G. Montesano, P. Fogagnolo, A. Pece, R. Riva, M.R. Romano, L. Rossetti. - In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY. - ISSN 0007-1161. - 102:5(2018 May), pp. 611-621.
  • Effect of the Eye Tracking System on the Reproducibility of Measurements Obtained with Spectral-domain Optical Coherence Tomography in Glaucoma / B. Abadia, A. Ferreras, P. Calvo, P. Fogagnolo, M. Figus, A.B. Pajarin. - In: JOURNAL OF GLAUCOMA. - ISSN 1057-0829. - 26:7(2017 Jul), pp. 638-645.
  • Transient Esotropia in the Child : Case Report and Review of the Literature / D. Allegrini, G. Montesano, P. Fogagnolo, E.A. Nocerino, S. De Cillã , E. Piozzi, L.M. Rossetti, M. Stefini, A. Pece. - In: CASE REPORTS IN OPHTHALMOLOGY. - ISSN 1663-2699. - 8:1(2017 Apr 24), pp. 259-264.
  • Vertical cross-face to correct dry eye in facial palsy patients / F. Biglioli, F. Allevi, P. Fogagnolo, L. Autelitano, D. Rabbiosi, L. Rossetti. ((Intervento presentato al 23. convegno EACMFS tenutosi a London nel 2016.
  • Correction: Blindness and glaucoma : A multicenter data review from 7 academic eye clinics / L. Rossetti, M. Digiuni, G. Montesano, M. Centofanti, A.M. Fea, M. Iester, P. Frezzotti, M. Figus, A. Ferreras, F. Oddone, L. Tanga, T. Rolle, V. Battaglino, C. Posarelli, I. Motolese, P. Mittica, S.A. Bagaglia, C. Menicacci, S. De Cilla, A. Autelitano, P. Fogagnolo. - In: PLOS ONE. - ISSN 1932-6203. - 11:3(2016 Mar 02).