La Rocca Paolo

Type A Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Olgettina, 60 - Ospedale San Raffaele
20132 MILANO (MI)

Via Riccardo Galeazzi, 4 - Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi
20161 MILANO (MI)

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  • The antithetic role of ceramide and sphingosine-1-phosphate in cardiac dysfunction / F. Cirillo, M. Piccoli, A. Ghiroldi, M.M. Monasky, P. Rota, P. La Rocca, A. Tarantino, S. D'Imperio, P. Signorelli, C. Pappone, L. Anastasia. - In: JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY. - ISSN 0021-9541. - (2021). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Intramolecular Lactones of Sialic Acids / P. Rota, P. La Rocca, P. Allevi, C. Pappone, L. Anastasia. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. - ISSN 1422-0067. - 21:21(2020 Oct 30).
  • 2β-3,4-Unsaturated sialic acid derivatives: Synthesis optimization, and biological evaluation as Newcastle disease virus hemagglutinin-neuraminidase inhibitors / P. La Rocca, P. Rota, M. Piccoli, F. Cirillo, A. Ghiroldi, V. Franco, P. Allevi, L. Anastasia. - In: BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 0968-0896. - 28:14(2020 Jul 15).
  • Straightforward access to 2,3- and 3,4-unsaturated derivatives of N-glycolylneuraminic acid / P. Rota, P. La Rocca, V. Franco, P. Allevi. - In: TETRAHEDRON. - ISSN 0040-4020. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]
  • The acidic hydrolysis of N-acetylneuraminic 4,5-oxazoline allows a direct functionalization of the C5 position of Neu5Ac2en (DANA) / P. Rota, P. La Rocca, F. Cirillo, M. Piccoli, P. Allevi, L. Anastasia. - In: RSC ADVANCES. - ISSN 2046-2069. - 10:1(2020), pp. 162-165.