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  • Design, synthesis, characterization, and biological activity of new derivatives of elagolix, a potent GnRH antagonist / S. Ciceri, D.R. Colombo, P. Ferraboschi, P. Grisenti, S.V. Sforna, F. Meneghetti. ((Intervento presentato al 40. convegno European School of Medicinal Chemistry-ESMEC tenutosi a online nel 2021.
  • Biocatalysts for the synthesis of pharmacologically active compounds / S. Ciceri, P. Grisenti, F. Meneghetti, M. Mori, S. Reza Elahi, P. Ferraboschi. ((Intervento presentato al convegno SCI - ViSYOChem tenutosi a online nel 2020.
  • (S)-Pramipexole and Its Enantiomer, Dexpramipexole : a New Chemoenzymatic Synthesis and Crystallographic Investigation of Key Enantiomeric Intermediates / S. Ciceri, P. Ferraboschi, P. Grisenti, S. Reza Elahi, C. Castellano, M. Mori, F. Meneghetti. - In: CATALYSTS. - ISSN 2073-4344. - 10:8(2020 Aug 16), pp. 941.1-941.16.
  • Biocatalytic synthesis of two pharmacologically active compounds: (S)-pramipexole and its enantiomer, dexpramipexole / S. Ciceri, P. Ferraboschi, P. Grisenti, M. Mori, F. Meneghetti. ((Intervento presentato al convegno Italian Young Medicinal Chemistry Virtual Meeting tenutosi a online nel 2020.
  • Crystallographic and NMR Investigation of Ergometrine and Methylergometrine, Two Alkaloids from Claviceps purpurea / F. Meneghetti, P. Ferraboschi, P. Grisenti, S. Reza Elahi, M. Mori, S. Ciceri. - In: MOLECULES. - ISSN 1420-3049. - 25:2(2020), pp. 331.1-331.11.