Mussini Patrizia Romana

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Via Golgi, 19
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 14211
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  • Self‐standing membranes consisting of inherently chiral electroactive oligomers: electrosynthesis, characterization and preliminary tests in potentiometric setups / S. Arnaboldi, D. Vigo, M. Longhi, F. Orsini, S. Riva, S. Grecchi, E. Giacovelli, V. Guglielmi, R. Cirilli, G. Longhi, G. Mazzeo, T. Benincori, P.R. Mussini. - In: CHEMELECTROCHEM. - ISSN 2196-0216. - 6:16(2019 Aug 16), pp. 4204-4214.
  • Artificial enantiopure inherently chiral membranes: enantiodiscrimination trough a new “ion-selective like” setup / S. Arnaboldi, D. Vigo, S. Grecchi, M. Longhi, F. Orsini, T. Benincori, P.R. Mussini. ((Intervento presentato al 13. convegno ECHEMS meeting tenutosi a Saint-Pierre d'Oleron nel 2019.
  • A family of chiral ionic liquids from the natural pool : Relationships between structure and functional properties and electrochemical enantiodiscrimination tests / M. Longhi, S. Arnaboldi, E. Husanu, S. Grecchi, I.F. Buzzi, R. Cirilli, S. Rizzo, C. Chiappe, P.R. Mussini, L. Guazzelli. - In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA. - ISSN 0013-4686. - 298(2019 Mar 01), pp. 194-209.
  • An unconventional helical push-pull system for solar cells / D. Dova, S. Cauteruccio, N. Manfredi, S. Prager, A. Dreuw, S. Arnaboldi, P.R. Mussini, E. Licandro, A. Abbotto. - In: DYES AND PIGMENTS. - ISSN 0143-7208. - 161(2019 Feb), pp. 382-388.
  • Highlighting spin selectivity properties of chiral electrode surfaces from redox potential modulation of an achiral probe under applied magnetic field / T. Benincori, S. Arnaboldi, M. Magni, S. Grecchi, C. Fontanesi, P.R. Mussini. - In: CHEMICAL SCIENCE. - ISSN 2041-6520. - 10:9(2019 Jan), pp. 2750-2757.