Veggiotti Pierangelo

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Via Castelvetro, 32 - Ospedale dei Bambini Vittore Buzzi - Pad. A
20154 MILANO (MI)

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A.Y. 2019/2020
Postgraduate Schools - Medicine, Healthcare, Dental Medicine
A.Y. 2018/2019
Postgraduate Schools - Medicine, Healthcare, Dental Medicine


  • Corticosteroids versus clobazam in epileptic encephalopathy with ESES: a European multicentre randomised controlled clinical trial (RESCUE ESES*) / v.d.M. Bart, A. Alexis, P. Emilio, v.T. Heleen C, L. Frans S S, B. Kees P J, J. Floor E, P. Veggiotti. - In: TRIALS. - ISSN 1745-6215. - 21:1(2020 Dec).
  • 3D facial morphometry in Italian patients affected by Aicardi syndrome / S. Masnada, D.M. Gibelli, C. Dolci, V. De Giorgis, A. Cappella, P. Veggiotti, C. Sforza. - In: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS. PART A. - ISSN 1552-4825. - 182A:10(2020 Oct), pp. 2325-2332.
  • Families' Perception of Classic Ketogenic Diet Management in Acute Medical Conditions: A Web-Based Survey / L. Pasca, C. Varesio, C. Ferraris, M. Guglielmetti, C. Trentani, A. Tagliabue, P. Veggiotti, V. De Giorgis. - In: NUTRIENTS. - ISSN 2072-6643. - 12:10(2020 Sep 24).
  • Pathways to quality of life in adolescents with genetic generalized epilepsy: The role of seizure features and affective symptoms / C. Varesio, L. Provenzi, S. Donetti Dontin, M.P. Zanaboni, L. Pasca, P. Veggiotti, V. De Giorgis. - In: EPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR. - ISSN 1525-5050. - 109(2020 Aug).
  • Glut1 Deficiency Syndrome (Glut1DS ) : State of the art in 2020 and recommendations of the international Glut1DS study group / J. Klepper, C. Akman, M. Armeno, S. Auvin, M. Cervenka, H.J. Cross, V. De Giorgis, A. Della Marina, K. Engelstad, N. Heussinger, E.H. Kossoff, W.G. Leen, B. Leiendecker, U.R. Monani, H. Oguni, E. Neal, J.M. Pascual, T.S. Pearson, R. Pons, I.E. Scheffer, P. Veggiotti, M. Willemsen, S.M. Zuberi, D.C. De Vivo. - In: EPILEPSIA OPEN. - ISSN 2470-9239. - 5:3(2020 Aug), pp. 354-365.