Pavlovic Radmila

Adjunct Professor


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  • Multidisciplinary analysis of Italian Alpine wildflower honey reveals criticalities, diversity and value / V. Leoni, L. Giupponi, R. Pavlovic, C. Gianoncelli, F. Cecati, E. Ranzato, S. Martinotti, D. Pedrali, A. Giorgi, S. Panseri. - In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. - ISSN 2045-2322. - 11(2021 Sep 29), pp. 19316.1-19316.16. [10.1038/s41598-021-98876-y]
  • Effect of high-pressure processing on physico-chemical, microbiological and sensory traits in fresh fish fillets (Salmo salar and Pleuronectes platessa) / M. Castrica, R. Pavlovic, C.M. Balzaretti, G. Curone, G. Brecchia, E. Copelotti, S. Panseri, D. Pessina, C. Arnoldi, L.M. Chiesa. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 10:8(2021 Jul 30), pp. 1775.1-1775.14. [10.3390/foods10081775]
  • Undeclared (Poly)phosphates detection in food of animal origin as a potential tool toward fraud prevention / R. Pavlovic, F. Di Cesare, F. Longo, F. Abballe, S. Panseri, R.C. Bonanni, R. Baccelliere, B. Neri, L.M. Chiesa. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 10:7(2021 Jul 04), pp. 1547.1-1547.18. [10.3390/foods10071547]
  • New Stable Cell Lines Derived from the Proximal and Distal Intestine of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Retain Several Properties Observed In Vivo / R. Pasquariello, N. Verdile, R. Pavlovic, S. Panseri, K. Schirmer, T. Brevini, F. Gandolfi. - In: CELLS. - ISSN 2073-4409. - 10:6(2021 Jun 19). [10.3390/cells10061555]
  • Determination of carbohydrates in lactose-free dairy products to support food labelling / S. Panseri, R. Pavlovic, M. Castrica, M. Nobile, F. Di Cesare, L.M. Chiesa. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 10:6(2021 May 28), pp. 1219.1-1219.10. [10.3390/foods10061219]