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20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Genetic and phenotypic analyses reveal major quantitative loci associated to fruit size and shape traits in a non-flat peach collection (P. persica L. Batsch) / M. Cirilli, I. Baccichet, R. Chiozzotto, C. Silvestri, L. Rossini, D. Bassi. - In: HORTICULTURE RESEARCH. - ISSN 2052-7276. - 8:1(2021 Nov 01), pp. 232.1-232.17. [10.1038/s41438-021-00661-5]
  • The Di2/pet variant in PETALOSA gene underlies a major heat requirement-related QTL for blooming date in peach (P. persica L. Batsch) / M. Cirilli, S. Gattolin, R.M. Chiozzotto, I. Baccichet, T. Pascal, B. Quilot-Turion, L. Rossini, D. Bassi. - In: PLANT & CELL PHYSIOLOGY. - ISSN 1471-9053. - 62:2(2021 Feb), pp. 356-365.
  • A transcription factor coordinating internode elongation and photoperiodic signals in rice / J. Gómez-Ariza, V. Brambilla, G. Vicentini, M. Landini, M. Cerise, E. Carrera, R. Shrestha, R. Chiozzotto, F. Galbiati, E. Caporali, I. López Díaz, F. Fornara. - In: NATURE PLANTS. - ISSN 2055-0278. - 5:4(2019 Apr 01), pp. 358-362.
  • Linkage and association mapping for the slow softening (SwS) trait in peach (P. persica L. Batsch) fruit / A. Ciacciulli, M. Cirilli, R.M. Chiozzotto, G. Attanasio, C. Da Silva Linge, I. Pacheco, L. Rossini, D. Bassi. - In: TREE GENETICS & GENOMES. - ISSN 1614-2942. - 14:6(2018 Dec), pp. 93.1-93.10.
  • Integrative genomics approaches validate PpYUC11-like as candidate gene for the stony hard trait in peach (P. persica L. Batsch) / M. Cirilli, D. Giovannini, A. Ciacciulli, R. Chiozzotto, S. Gattolin, L. Rossini, A. Liverani, D. Bassi. - In: BMC PLANT BIOLOGY. - ISSN 1471-2229. - 18:1(2018 May 18).