Foschino Roberto Carmine

Tenured Associate Professor
Competition sector
Referente Aq Del Corso Di Studio



Via Mangiagalli, 25
20133 MILANO (MI)

Office phone number
02503 19166
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Teaching - Programme courses

Postgraduate programmes

A.Y. 2019/2020
Veterinary specialisation school
A.Y. 2018/2019
Veterinary specialisation school


  • Transcriptomics unravels the adaptive molecular mechanisms of Brettanomyces bruxellensis under SO2 stress in wine condition / F. Valdetara, M. Skalic, D. Fracassetti, M. Louw, C. Compagno, M. du Toit, R. Foschino, U. Petrovic, B. Divol, I. Vigentini. - In: FOOD MICROBIOLOGY. - ISSN 0740-0020. - 90(2020 Sep), pp. 103483.1-103483.11.
  • Evaluation of a Potential Bacteriophage Cocktail for the Control of Shiga-Toxin Producing Escherichia coli in Food / N. Mangieri, C. Picozzi, R. Cocuzzi, R.C. Foschino. - In: FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY. - ISSN 1664-302X. - 11(2020 Jul 24), pp. 1801.1-1801.9.
  • Yeast-Free Doughs by Zymomonas mobilis: Evaluation of Technological and Fermentation Performances by Using a Metabolomic Approach / L. Nissen, M. Rollini, C. Picozzi, A. Musatti, R. Foschino, A. Gianotti. - In: MICROORGANISMS. - ISSN 2076-2607. - 8:6(2020 Jun).
  • Wine industry’s attitude towards oenological yeasts : Italy as a case study / D. Fracassetti, S. Massaglia, A. Viberti, G. Motta, R. Foschino, I. Vigentini. - In: BEVERAGES. - ISSN 2306-5710. - 6:2(2020 May 17), pp. 33.1-33.16.
  • Production of melatonin and other tryptophan derivatives by Oenococcus oeni under winery and laboratory scale / D. Fracassetti, A.F.F. Lo Faro, S. Moiola, M. Orioli, A. Tirelli, M. Iriti, I. Vigentini, R. Foschino. - In: FOOD MICROBIOLOGY. - ISSN 0740-0020. - 86(2020 Apr), pp. 103265.1-103265.8.