Bassi Rosaria

Research Fellow
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Via Fratelli Cervi, 93
20090 SEGRATE (MI)

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02503 30313
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02 503 30378
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  • Exploring the effect of chirality on the therapeutic potential of N-alkyl-deoxyiminosugars: anti-inflammatory response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections for application in CF lung disease / M. De Fenza, D. D'Alonzo, A. Esposito, S. Munari, LOBERTO NICOLETTA, A. Santangelo, I. Lampronti, A. Tamanini, A. Rossi, S. Ranucci, I. De Fino, A. Bragonzi, M. Aureli, BASSI ROSARIA, M. Tironi, LIPPI MONICA GELTRUDE, R. Gambari, CABRINI GRAZIA, G. Palumbo, M.C. Dechecchi, A. Guaragna. - In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 0223-5234. - 175(2019 Aug), pp. 63-71.
  • A lysosome-plasma membrane-sphingolipid axis linking lysosomal storage to cell growth arrest / M. Samarani, N. Loberto, G. Soldà, L. Straniero, R. Asselta, S. Duga, G. Lunghi, F.A. Zucca, L. Mauri, M.G. Ciampa, D. Schiumarini, R. Bassi, P. Giussani, E. Chiricozzi, A. Prinetti, M. Aureli, S. Sonnino. - In: THE FASEB JOURNAL. - ISSN 0892-6638. - 32:10(2018 Oct), pp. 5685-5702.
  • Sphingolipids role in the regulation of inflammatory response: From leukocyte biology to bacterial infection / E. Chiricozzi, N. Loberto, D. Schiumarini, M. Samarani, G. Mancini, A. Tamanini, G. Lippi, M.C. Dechecchi, R. Bassi, P. Giussani, M. Aureli. - In: JOURNAL OF LEUKOCYTE BIOLOGY. - ISSN 0741-5400. - 103:3(2018 Mar), pp. 445-456.
  • Crosstalk between sphingosine-1-phosphate and EGFR signalling pathways enhances human glioblastoma cell invasiveness / M.G. Cattaneo, C. Vanetti, M. Samarani, M. Aureli, R. Bassi, S. Sonnino, P. Giussani. - In: FEBS LETTERS. - ISSN 0014-5793. - 592:6(2018 Mar), pp. 949-961.
  • Sphingosine-1-P and its plasma membrane receptors in human glioma cells / M. Cattaneo, C. Vanetti, M. Samarani, M. Aureli, R. Bassi, S. Sonnino, P. Giussani. ((Intervento presentato al 59. convegno Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology tenutosi a Caserta nel 2017.