Gazzarrini Sabrina

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Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo C
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 14963
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02503 14963
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  • Conversion of an instantaneous activating K+ channel into a slow activating inward rectifier / D. Baumeister, B. Hertel, I. Schroeder, S. Gazzarrini, S.M. Kast, J.L. Van Etten, A. Moroni, G. Thiel. - In: FEBS LETTERS. - ISSN 0014-5793. - 591:2(2017), pp. 295-303.
  • Slow but Steady Wins the Race : Dissimilarities among New Dual Inhibitors of the Wild-Type and the V27A Mutant M2 Channels of Influenza A Virus / M. Barniol-Xicota, S. Gazzarrini, E. Torres, Y. Hu, J. Wang, L. Naesens, A. Moroni, S. Vázquez. - In: JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 0022-2623. - 60:9(2017), pp. 3727-3738.
  • Mechanism of the Pseudoirreversible Binding of Amantadine to the M2 Proton Channel / S. Llabrés, J. Juárez-Jiménez, M. Masetti, R. Leiva, S. Vázquez, S. Gazzarrini, A. Moroni, A. Cavalli, F..J. Luque. - In: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. - ISSN 0002-7863. - 138:47(2016 Nov 30), pp. 15345-15358.
  • Isocyanides as Influenza A Virus Subtype H5N1 Wild-Type M2 Channel Inhibitors / S. Wu, J. Huang, S. Gazzarrini, S. He, L. Chen, J. Li, L. Xing, C. Li, L. Chen, C.G. Neochoritis, G.P. Liao, H. Zhou, A. Dömling, A. Moroni, W. Wang. - In: CHEMMEDCHEM. - ISSN 1860-7179. - 10:11(2015 Nov), pp. 1837-1845.
  • New polycyclic dual inhibitors of the wild type and the V27A mutant M2 channel of the influenza A virus with unexpected binding mode / M. Rey-Carrizo, S. Gazzarrini, S. Llabrés, M. Frigolé-Vivas, J. Juárez-Jiménez, M. Font-Bardia, L. Naesens, A. Moroni, F.J. Luque, S. Vázquez. - In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 0223-5234. - 96(2015 May 26), pp. 318-329.