Pierce Simon

Research Fellow
Competition sector
05/A1 - BOTANY



Via Celoria, 2
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 16796
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02503 16785
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  • Soil Application of Effective Microorganisms (EM) Maintains Leaf Photosynthetic Efficiency, Increases Seed Yield and Quality Traits of Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Plants Grown on Different Substrates / M. Iriti, A. Scarafoni, S. Pierce, G. Castorina, S. Vitalini. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. - ISSN 1422-0067. - 20:9(2019 May 10), pp. 2327.1-2327.9.
  • Characterization of native hayseed: guaranteeing a seed mixture for habitat and species conservation / R.M. Ceriani, B.E.L. Cerabolini, A. Ferrario, S. Pierce. ((Intervento presentato al 15. convegno RIBES contribution towards the 2020 Global Strategy for Plant Conservation targets tenutosi a Parco Monte Barro nel 2019.
  • The role of adaptive strategies in plant naturalization / W. Guo, M. van Kleunen, M. Winter, P. Weigelt, A. Stein, S. Pierce, J. Pergl, D. Moser, N. Maurel, B. Lenzner, H. Kreft, F. Essl, W. Dawson, P. Pyšek. - In: ECOLOGY LETTERS. - ISSN 1461-023X. - 21:9(2018 Sep), pp. 1380-1389.
  • Differential biodiversity responses between kingdoms (plants, fungi, bacteria and metazoa) along an Alpine succession gradient / M. Montagna, A. Berruti, V. Bianciotto, P. Cremonesi, R. Giannico, F. Gusmeroli, E. Lumini, S. Pierce, F.E. Pizzi, F. Turri, G. Gandini. - In: MOLECULAR ECOLOGY. - ISSN 0962-1083. - 27:18(2018 Sep), pp. 3671-3685.
  • Enzymatic scarification of Anacamptis morio (Orchidaceae) seed facilitates lignin degradation, water uptake and germination / S. Pierce, A. Spada, E. Caporali, R.M. Ceriani, G. Buffa. - In: PLANT BIOLOGY. - ISSN 1435-8603. - (2018 Jan 19). [Epub ahead of print]