Scacchi Simone

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Via Saldini, 50
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 16162
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  • Electro-mechanical modeling and simulation of reentry phenomena in the presence of myocardial infarction / P.C. Franzone, L.F. Pavarino, S. Scacchi (SEMA SIMAI SPRINGER SERIES). - In: Mathematical and Numerical Modeling of the Cardiovascular System and Applications / [a cura di] D. Boffi, L.F. Pavarino, G. Rozza, S. Scacchi, C. Vergara. - [s.l] : Springer International Publishing, 2018. - ISBN 9783319966489. - pp. 41-73
  • Scalable cardiac electro-mechanical solvers and reentry dynamics / P.C. Franzone, L.F. Pavarino, S. Scacchi, S. Zampini (LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING). - In: Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XXIV / [a cura di] P.E. Bjørstad, S.C. Brenner, L. Halpern, H.H. Kim, R. Kornhuber, T. Rahman, O.B. Widlund. - [s.l] : Springer Verlag, 2018. - ISBN 9783319938721. - pp. 31-43 (( convegno International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods tenutosi a Svalbard nel 2017.