Barozzi Stefania

Research Fellow
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Via Pace, 9 - Pad. Terzo
20122 MILANO

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  • The Mealtime Assessment Scale (MAS): Part 2 - Preliminary Psychometric Analysis / N. Pizzorni, D. Valentini, M. Gilardone, L. Scarponi, M. Tresoldi, S. Barozzi, M. Corbo, A. Schindler. - In: FOLIA PHONIATRICA ET LOGOPAEDICA. - ISSN 1021-7762. - (2019 Apr 17), pp. 1-12. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Three-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging of the vestibular endolymphatic space : a systematic qualitative description in healthy ears / G. Conte, L. Caschera, B. Tuscano, L. Piergallini, S. Barozzi, F. Di Berardino, D. Zanetti, C. Scuffi, E. Scola, C. Sina, F. Triulzi. - In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY. - ISSN 0720-048X. - 109(2018 Dec), pp. 77-82.
  • MR imaging in menière disease : is the contact between the vestibular endolymphatic space and the oval window a reliable biomarker? / G. Conte, L. Caschera, S. Calloni, S. Barozzi, F. Di Berardino, D. Zanetti, C. Scuffi, E. Scola, C. Sina, F. Triulzi. - In: AJNR, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY. - ISSN 0195-6108. - 39:11(2018 Nov), pp. 2114-2119.
  • MR imaging of endolymphatic hydrops in Ménière’s disease : not all that glitters is gold / G. Conte, F.M. Lo Russo, S.F. Calloni, C. Sina, S. Barozzi, F. Di Berardino, E. Scola, G. Palumbo, D. Zanetti, F.M. Triulzi. - In: ACTA OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGICA ITALICA. - ISSN 0392-100X. - 38:4(2018 Aug), pp. 369-376.
  • Early prelingual auditory development in Italian infants and toddlers analysed through the Italian version of the Infant-Toddler Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale (IT-MAIS) / S. Cavicchiolo, F. Mozzanica, L. Guerzoni, A. Murri, I. Dall'Ora, F. Ambrogi, S. Barozzi, D. Cuda, A. Schindler. - In: EUROPEAN ARCHIVES OF OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY. - ISSN 0937-4477. - 275:2(2018 Feb), pp. 615-622.