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Via Gian Battista Grassi, 74 - Ospedale Sacco - Pad. 56
20157 MILANO (MI)

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  • Impact of switching to TAF/FTC/RPV, TAF/FTC/EVG/cobi and ABC/3TC/DTG on cardiovascular risk and lipid profile in people living with HIV: a retrospective cohort study / A. Giacomelli, F. Conti, L. Pezzati, L. Oreni, A.L. Ridolfo, V. Morena, C. Bonazzetti, G. Pagani, T. Formenti, M. Galli, S. Rusconi. - In: BMC INFECTIOUS DISEASES. - ISSN 1471-2334. - 21:1(2021 Jun 22), pp. 595.1-595.9. [10.1186/s12879-021-06304-3]
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  • The relevance of drug-drug interactions in clinical practice: the case of concomitant boosted protease inhibitors plus alpha-1 blocker administration / C. Gervasoni, C. Resnati, T. Formenti, A. Fossati, D. Minisci, P. Meraviglia, D. Cattaneo. - In: ANTIVIRAL THERAPY. - ISSN 1359-6535. - (2018 Jan 04). [Epub ahead of print]
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