Santaniello Tommaso

Senior professional technologist



Via Celoria, 16
20133 MILANO (MI)

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Teaching - Programme courses


  • Eco-friendly supercapacitors based on biodegradable poly(3-hydroxy-butyrate) and ionic liquids / L. Migliorini, T. Santaniello, F. Borghi, P. Saettone, M.C. Franchini, G. Generali, P. Milani. - In: NANOMATERIALS. - ISSN 2079-4991. - 10:10(2020 Sep 19), pp. 2062.1-2062.15.
  • Mechanical characteristics of tunable uniaxial aligned carbon nanotubes induced by robotic extrusion technique for hydrogel nanocomposite / W. Zhao, S. Hu, Z. Shi, T. Santaniello, C. Lenardi, J. Huang. - In: COMPOSITES. PART A: APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING. - ISSN 1359-835X. - 129(2020 Feb).
  • Combined Effects of Electrical Stimulation and Protein Coatings on Myotube Formation in a Soft Porous Scaffold / F. Iberite, I. Gerges, L. Vannozzi, A. Marino, M. Piazzoni, T. Santaniello, C. Lenardi, L. Ricotti. - In: ANNALS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING. - ISSN 0090-6964. - 48:2(2020), pp. 734-746.
  • Bioplastic electromechanical actuators based on biodegradable poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and cluster-assembled gold electrodes / L. Migliorini, T. Santaniello, S. Rondinini, P. Saettone, M. Comes Franchini, C. Lenardi, P. Milani. - In: SENSORS AND ACTUATORS. B, CHEMICAL. - ISSN 0925-4005. - 286(2019), pp. 230-236.
  • Myoblast proliferation in a porous polyurethane matrix: first steps towards a 3D bio-hybrid actuator / F. Iberite, T. Santaniello, L. Vannozzi, M. Piazzoni, A. Marino, I. Gerges, C. Lenardi, L. Ricotti. ((Intervento presentato al 6. convegno Congresso Gruppo Nazionale di Bioingegneria tenutosi a Milano nel 2018.