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20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Amniotic MSCs reduce pulmonary fibrosis by hampering lung B‐cell recruitment, retention, and maturation / A. Cargnoni, P. Romele, P. Bonassi Signoroni, S. Farigu, M. Magatti, E. Vertua, I. Toschi, V. Cesari, A.R. Silini, F.R. Stefani, O. Parolini. - In: STEM CELLS TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE. - ISSN 2157-6564. - (2020 May 27). [Epub ahead of print]
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  • Taurine administration recovers motor and learning deficits in an angelman syndrome mouse model / S. Guzzetti, L. Calzari, L. Buccarello, V. Cesari, I. Toschi, S. Cattaldo, A. Mauro, F. Pregnolato, S.M. Mazzola, S. Russo. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. - ISSN 1661-6596. - 19:4(2018 Apr), pp. 1088.1-1088.15.
  • Effect of human amniotic epithelial cells on pro-fibrogenic resident hepatic cells in a rat model of liver fibrosis / C. Anna, F. Serafina, C.P. Ester, B.S. Patrizia, R. Pietro, G. Vanosi, I. Toschi, V. Cesari, B.S. Luciana, M. Magatti, S. Antonietta R., O. Parolini. - In: JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE. - ISSN 1582-4934. - 22:2(2018 Feb), pp. 1202-1213.