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Department of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety (Anatomy building)
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  • A Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Characterization of Bovine Oocytes Reveals That Cysteamine Partially Rescues the Embryo Development in a Model of Low Ovarian Reserve / V. Lodde, A.M. Luciano, G. Musmeci, I. Miclea, I. Tessaro, M. Aru, D.F. Albertini, F. Franciosi. - In: ANIMALS. - ISSN 2076-2615. - 11:7(2021 Jun 29), pp. 1936.1-1936.22. [10.3390/ani11071936]
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  • Progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (PGRMC1) expression in canine mammary tumors: A preliminary study / L. Terzaghi, B. Banco, D. Groppetti, P.C. Dall'Acqua, C. Giudice, A. Pecile, V. Grieco, V. Lodde, A.M. Luciano. - In: RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE. - ISSN 0034-5288. - 132(2020 Jun 08), pp. 101-107.
  • Zinc supports transcription and improves meiotic competence of growing bovine oocytes / V. Lodde, R. Garcia Barros, P.C. D'Allacqua, C. Dieci, C. Robert, A. Bastien, M.A. Sirard, F. Franciosi, A.M. Luciano. - In: REPRODUCTION. - ISSN 1470-1626. - 159:6(2020 May 01), pp. 679-691.