Taverniti Valentina

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20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Role of caffeic and chlorogenic acid in the modulation of cellular fatty acid uptake / M. Marino, M. Tucci, V. Taverniti, P. Riso, M. Porrini, D. Klimis-Zacas, C. Del Bo'. - In: PROCEEDINGS OF THE NUTRITION SOCIETY. - ISSN 0029-6651. - 79:OCE2(2020 Jun 10). ((Intervento presentato al 13. convegno European Nutrition Conference, FENS 2019: 15–18 October 2019, Malnutrition in an Obese World: European Perspectives tenutosi a Dublin (Ireland) nel 2019.
  • Effect of oral consumption of capsules containing Lactobacillus paracasei LPC-S01 on the vaginal microbiota of healthy adult women: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover study / R. Koirala, G. Gargari, S. Arioli, V. Taverniti, W. Fiore, E. Grossi, G.M. Anelli, I. Cetin, S. Guglielmetti. - In: FEMS MICROBIOLOGY ECOLOGY. - ISSN 1574-6941. - 96:6(2020 Jun 01).
  • Cutaneous barrier leakage and gut inflammation drive skin disease in Omenn syndrome / R. Rigoni, E. Fontana, K. Dobbs, V. Marrella, V. Taverniti, V. Maina, A. Facoetti, G. D'Amico, W. Al-Herz, M.E. Cruz-Munoz, C. Schuetz, A.R. Gennery, E.K. Garabedian, S. Giliani, D. Draper, G. Dbaibo, R.S. Geha, I. Meyts, T. Tousseyn, B. Neven, D. Moshous, A. Fischer, A. Schulz, A. Finocchi, D.B. Kuhns, D.L. Fink, M.S. Lionakis, M. Swamydas, S. Guglielmetti, J. Alejo, I.A. Myles, S. Pittaluga, L.D. Notarangelo, A. Villa, B. Cassani. - In: JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY. - ISSN 0091-6749. - (2020 Apr 18). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Impact of a multistrain probiotic formulation with high bifidobacterial content on the fecal bacterial community and short-chain fatty acid levels of healthy adults / G. Gargari, V. Taverniti, R. Koirala, C. Gardana, S. Guglielmetti. - In: MICROORGANISMS. - ISSN 2076-2607. - 8:4(2020), pp. 492.1-492.11.
  • Urinary TMAO levels are associated with the taxonomic composition of the gut microbiota and with the choline TMA-lyase gene (cutC) harbored by enterobacteriaceae / A. Dalla Via, G. Gargari, V. Taverniti, G. Rondini, I. Velardi, V. Gambaro, G.L. Visconti, V. De Vitis, C. Gardana, E. Ragg, A. Pinto, P. Riso, S. Guglielmetti. - In: NUTRIENTS. - ISSN 2072-6643. - 12:1(2020), pp. 62.1-62.12.