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  • Storage of pasteurized milk in clear PET bottles combined with light exposure on a retail display case : A possible strategy to define the shelf life and support a recyclable packaging / S. Limbo, L. Pellegrino, P. D'Incecco, S. Gobbi, V. Rosi, D. Fracassetti. - In: FOOD CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 0308-8146. - 329(2020 Nov 01), pp. 127116.1-127116.9.
  • Impact of Extending Hard-Cheese Ripening : A Multiparameter Characterization of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Ripened up to 50 Months / P. D'Incecco, S. Limbo, J. Hogenboom, V. Rosi, S. Gobbi, L. Pellegrino. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 9:3(2020 Mar 02), pp. 268.1-268.15.
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