Rights and Welfare

The University of Milan guarantees the rights, promotes the welfare and safeguards the dignity of all those who are enrolled at the University, both undergraduates and postgraduates, and of the academic staff (including grant holders).

Pursuant to art.2 of the Code of Ethics, all members of the University have the right to be treated with respect and equal consideration, without direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of: religion, personal political opinions, language, social or ethnic origin, nationality, health, age or sexual orientation.

The welfare and wellbeing of staff

The following aim to improve the living and working conditions of staff:

  • Specific welfare measures and focused people care policies
  • Suitable measures to safeguard rights and personal dignity

The adopted measures aim to support and guarantee:

  • individual, familial and social psychophysical wellbeing
  • enhancement of education
  • promotion of quality and of the work-life balance

The guarantors of rights

To help safeguard rights, promote organizational welfare and guarantee the respect of regulations protecting students and staff, the University has set up three dedicated structures:

Prorettore con delega a Legalità, Trasparenza e Parità di diritti

Welfare services

Explore La Statale@work and discover all the services for employees, as well as for grant holders, doctoral students and those completing postgraduate specializations.


The Comitato Unico di Garanzia (Central Guarantee Committee) promotes equal opportunities and the wellbeing of workers and contrasts discrimination. It protects and promotes the dignity and rights of workers and students. 

Trusted Counsellor

This is an impartial, external specialist who protects the personal, professional and academic dignity of University employees against injurious, discriminatory, or intimidatory actions, including harassment and mobbing, which could undermine their wellbeing.

The guarantor for students

This is an impartial reference point for students who wish to report problems pertaining to administration and/or education encountered during their studies.