The University of Milan in Dubai

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Along with other Italian academia, the University of Milan will be at Expo Dubai at the Italy Pavilion.


We will open in October, in the climate and biodiversity weeks, with a focus on the mountains by UNIMONT, the Edolo-based campus of the University of Milan. In December, we will host events on education, while in February we will cover food.

Climate and Biodiversity – A focus on the Mountains by the University on Milan

The programme is entirely focused on initiatives proposed by the UNIMONT campus, which will host 3 events on mountain sustainability from 12 September to 1 October.

The event launched the “Mountain Education and Innovation Manifesto”. This impressive initiative is the result of a collective effort by over 100 young people from 28 countries as part of the “Youth4Mountains” programme.

The Manifesto emphasizes the training needs of youth around the world for sustainable development in mountain areas. 

6 October 2021
The top 10 Scientists and Young Researchers

Leading experts will talk to young researchers on the issues of mountain development, while also considering urban and marine environments.

7 October 2021
Reaching for the Stars: Sustainable and Climate Resilient Mountain Development

Organized by FAO Mountain Partnership and Italy's Commissioner for Dubai, it will host our Edolo-based UNIMONT campus, with speeches by Stefano Sala and Annamaria Giorgi, Rector's Delegate for the promotion of teaching, research and third mission for the enhancement of the mountain areas

8 October 2021
Connecting Youth and Mountains, Creating a Lively Future

An entire day dedicated to innovation and sustainable development of mountain areas, with a seminar in the morning to finalize the Mountain Education and Innovation Manifesto with young people from all over the world, and an institutional event in the afternoon to discuss scientific research, networks and policies for sustainable development. The Mountain Education and Innovation Manifesto will be presented to the institutions in the afternoon session.

28 October
Connecting Safely, Creating the Future: Toward Securing Artificial Intelligence
The goal of the PALM project, which was presented at Expo with Khalifa University of Science and Technology, is to strengthen Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models, and to protect them from adversarial attacks and manipulative actions that aim to mislead them into learning wrong behaviour.

Video of the 8 October event - afternoon session

Video of the 28 October event