Bookcity Milano Università

The University of Milan has been contributing to the success of Bookcity since its first edition, along with the other Milanese universities that promote events and meetings within the Bookcity University programme, thus opening a space for critical debate on reading.

Thanks to its multi-disciplinary knowledge, close cooperation between its departments, and numerous collaborations with local institutions and associations, the University proposes many cross-disciplinary meetings, with a focus on the convergence of humanistic and technical/scientific knowledge. 

Leveraging its manifold skills, every year the University of Milan organizes many meetings on the history of publishing and book professions.

Bookcity 2019

For Bookcity 2019, the University of Milan concocted a rich programme, with 90 events attended by almost 4,000 people in the lecture rooms, libraries, halls and courtyards of several of our Milanese locations: via Festa del Perdono, via Sant’Antonio, via Noto, piazza Sant’Alessandro, via Conservatorio, Brera Botanical Gardens, Città Studi and Sesto San Giovanni. The programme involved over 300 speakers and 80 volunteering students. 

Embracing this year's common theme of "Africa", we explored migration as a historical and political category, as well as a cultural, social and ethical notion.

Our Bookcity initiatives also included three exhibitions – the new Museum of Philosophy and two exhibitions dedicated to Quebec and 500 years of Havana – the screening of a documentary and two concerts.

Embassy of the Czech Republic, Italy-Cuba Friendship Association, Italy-Russia Association, "BookCity per il sociale", which has been focusing on reading in prison for years.

"Golgi-Redaelli" Welfare Services, António Lobo Antunes Chair - Camões Institute of Lisbon, Vincenzo Consolo Sicily Chair for intercultural dialogue - Tunis, Czech Centre of Milan, Duchamps Study Centre, CeSPI - Centre for International Political Studies, Photographic Archive of the Municipality of Milan, Italian-Swiss Committee for the publication of the works of Carlo Cattaneo, Lingua Madre National Literary Contest, Conservatory of Milan.

 Consulate General of Cuba, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, Contemporary Asia Research Centre, CRIAR - Inter-University Research Centre on Romance Language Speaking Americas, Québec Delegation in Rome, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, ICEI - Citizens of the World, Confucius Institute, Institute of Contemporary History of Lombardy, Holocaust Memorial - Platform 21, African Presidency of AISLLI - International Association for the Studies of Italian Language and Literature, Puntozero Theatre, Italian Chemical Society, Gerolamo Theatre, Université de la Manouba, Villa Vigoni - Italian-German Centre