Publishing: online journals

The University of Milan publishes its own series of journals, in a refined graphic layout, to illustrate its history as well as its artistic and scientific heritage. Moreover, in 2004 we launched "Le vetrine del sapere", a series published by Skira.

Some faculties and facilities of the University publish collections highlighting their cultural and scientific activities. Many of these publications are available online.

Emila Perassi,
coordinator of the Open Science Commission

Online journals

This is the new series of the historic series of publications of the Faculty of Humanities, published by LED. The series was launched in 1934, with the publication of Il mondo sensibile (or the sensitive world), an introduction to the aesthetics of A. Baratono, which was followed by nearly two hundred titles, bearing witness to the cultural history of the Faculty.

The new series was launched in 2000 with the aim of disseminating the best results of scientific research, along with the "Acme" journal, as well as exemplifying how modern technology can serve the traditional art of printing at its best. Publications ceased in 2013

Published by the comparative studies section of the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Literature, the journal aims to be a forum for thought and experimentation as well as an information and archive tool for Italian and foreign researchers and students.

Yearbook of philosophy, aesthetics and music theory in the making.

This is a permanent seminar, focusing on the psychology of music, philosophical implications in musical analysis, Twentieth-century musical experience, non-Western music cultures.

Academic journal of the Department of Contemporary Languages and Cultures of the Faculty of Political Sciences, dedicated to English, German, French, Spanish, Hispanic, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese language and literature studies.

Founded in 1895, it publishes original papers in the fields of palaeontology and micropalaeontology, stratigraphy, biostratigraphy and sedimentology, with a focus on the Italian and Mediterranean region, but also on Central Asia and Himalayas. Published by the Department of Earth Sciences.

Quarterly journal of the Faculty of Political Science.

Founded in 1940, the journal publishes original articles on fundamental and applied microbiology, including bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and viruses. Its aim is to advance and disseminate knowledge of general, environmental (marine and soil), ecological, applied, food, industrial and cultural heritage microbiology, concerning taxonomy, physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology and molecular biology.

Journal of Philosophy and Theory of Arts and Literature, founded in 2002 and edited by professors from the Departments of Philosophy and Modern Philology. In addition to aesthetics, it covers historical, theoretical, moral and epistemological philosophy, with periodical monographic issues under the title "Quaderni".

The bi-monthly periodical of the Centro Studi Comunicazione sul Farmaco (Communication Centre in Drugs, Health and Society) is a forum for thought, discussion and new projects on science communication strategies in the new media society.

Open Journal System

Altre Modernità focuses on the study of the peripheries of the world and the peripheries of societies that act as vibrant centres of cultural production. Special attention is paid to those aspects of cultural production that provide alternative models, tools and solutions. Literature is a starting point for explorations in contiguous cultural and artistic fields.

This series celebrates and studies the civilization of the Mediterranean Sea, evoked by the image of the renowned Aristonothos vase. Found in an Etruscan tomb, it tells stories of ancient Mediterranean cultures and their mutual relationships.

It is a series for scholars of antiquity, particularly of Mediterranean cultures, and a forum for innovative and original research and contributions.

This journal publishes glottology and linguistics essays, reflecting scientific production by members of the Milanese Linguistic Society. It usually includes conference speeches from previous year's meetings of the Society.

The journal shares the purposes and scopes of the University coordinated research centre "Bisanzio e l'Occidente" (Byzantium and the West).

The centre continues an important line of studies on Byzantium, which was started in the 1950s by professor Raffaele Cantarella, and developed through courses in philology, literature, history and arts, according to a solid cross-disciplinary approach. The centre intends to promote and expand the network of scholars of Byzantium in its literary, historic, linguistic and artistic expressions.

It also aims to be a hub for scholars of Byzantium in the broadest sense, including the foundations of Byzantine literary and artistic civilization in the Greek and Roman imperial / late antiquity period; the interrelationship between the Byzantine East and the Medieval Latin and Romance West; the fortune of Byzantium in the history of Western European culture since Renaissance Humanism.

Carte Romanze is a scientific publication specialising in studies of Romance languages and literatures of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It aims to be a forum for insight and discussion between generations of scholars with different backgrounds. While being firmly rooted in the tradition of Romance studies, it proposes a modern vision, and is open to original, rigorous hermeneutic approaches with a view to a strong cultural project.

Concorso. Arti e lettere was launched by the Department of Art History of the University of Milan, with the aim of publishing materials and contributions, especially from young scholars, in the field of art history research.

The merger of the departments of Sciences of Antiquity and of Modern Philology into the Department of Literary Studies, Philology and Linguistics brought with it a new series of essays.

The title «Consonanze» (consonances) suggests a plurality of scientific interests and methodological approaches, but also the inherent consistency of its contributions in the fields of philology, literature, linguistics and history.

Consonanze publishes works by tenured professors and young scholars, monographs as well as miscellanies or conference proceedings, and is honoured to receive contributions from external scholars, both Italians and foreigners.

Criando aims to be a forum for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary discussion on the "question of language" in a post-colonial and de-colonial perspective. It guarantees the legal deposit of the originals and translations featuring in the LaTina Cartonera catalogue through an annual electronic publication. It also includes a series of special issues reflecting the different souls of CRIAR, and contributing to the dissemination of diverse contributions among an audience of specialists as well as students and good readers.

Online journal of Medieval Philosophy. It is divided into two sections based on duration: Aevum contains material that, in principle, has a beginning but not an end, while Tempus collects shorter, lighter content for the Internet.

The digital series of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Milan focuses on English, French, German, Iberian, Scandinavian and Slavic studies, exploring both their European and non-European dimensions. The series of publications includes monographs, short essays and collective volumes, also covering interdisciplinary and international projects or events.

DIKE publishes articles on Greek law and institutions from the Mycenaean Age to the Roman conquest, thus contributing to world-class studies of a fundamental aspect of Greek civilization. The journal complements and expands upon scientific production included in the Proceedings of Conferences of Greek Law (published under the title Symposion) held periodically at leading European and American Universities since 1971, which guide the research of Greek law.

The journal is open to the collaboration of legal historians, as well as historians, philologists, archaeologists, epigraphists and historians of Greek society and economy in general.

Enthymema is a forum for discussion on literature. It focuses on theory, criticism and philosophy of literature as forms of reflection on the foundations, problems, tools and methods of literary studies. Enthymema welcomes unpublished papers and translations of works by foreign authors who in recent years have produced significant contributions to the interrogation of literature. It publishes theoretical, critical and methodological essays, as well as interviews and reviews.

Food In is a journal that publishes monographs on foods of animal origin, covering different aspects of food safety. It targets university students and professionals who deal with animal-source food.

Gilgameš is a forum for sharing and interdisciplinary discussion open to scholars in the Humanities. Published papers range from philology to literature and linguistics, through to archaeology, the history of art, music and entertainment, and environmental social science.

Journal of fashion culture by students of the University of Milan.

InKoj. Philosophy & Artificial Languages – New series is an academic journal sponsored by the University of Milan. Key areas include analytical metaphysics, ontology and epistemology, which are approached by a restatement of ordinary language, through a manipulation of its logical form and/or its semantics.

Interfaces opens an interdisciplinary and multilingual forum for the study of medieval European literatures. It envisages the study of the textual culture of medieval Europe as situated at the intersection of a number of modern disciplines, including history, literature, philology, codicology, philosophy, sociolinguistics, and theology.

HAF is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing original scientific papers, reviews and short communications on animal science, animal production and food safety. Supplements contain proceedings of symposia or special meetings. The journal focuses on animal-related aspects of life sciences at the molecular, cellular, organ, whole-animal and production-system levels.

Italiano LinguaDue is the semi-annual open access e-journal of the "Promoitals" (Promotion and teaching of Italian language and culture to foreigners) Master programme and of the University Centre for the promotion of the Italian language and culture C. and G. Feltrinelli (Calcif). The journal publishes contributions from teachers, collaborators and graduates from the Master and other Italian and foreign scholars who have been invited to collaborate.

LANX is a quarterly open access e-journal. It collects contributions from students, teachers, and scholars who have collaborated with the School, as well as the results of related research and excavations. The journal's Scientific Committee is composed of the Teachers of the Postgraduate School of Archaeology of the University of Milan, who preliminarily approve the scientific content of contributions to be published.

The journal contains articles on aesthetics, phenomenology, history of philosophy and theory of the arts. Founded in 2011 under the guidance of Tonino Griffero, Lebenswelt is published by the University of Milan through the Open Journal System. It was inspired by the scientific committee's and the editorial team's common interest for the philosophy of experience, and it stands out for its international profile, as it publishes articles in five languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish), with frequent contributions from foreign authors.

Lessico del Comico was launched within the research project of the same name carried out jointly by the Universities of Milan, Pisa, Bari and Bologna. It includes analyses of the lexicon of ancient comedy from different angles, including Greek literature, the history of ancient theatre, ancient exegesis, classical philology, ancient philosophy, performance studies and reception studies.

While contributing to the analysis of the media from the point of view of language, the journal has a cross-disciplinary purpose, which is reflected in its focus on mass media as well as on historical, literary, and philosophical studies that explore communication.

Founded in 1999, Materiali di estetica is one of the most renowned and highly regarded aesthetics journals in Italy. Its original phenomenological orientation, which was inspired by the "Milan School", has stimulated contemporary philosophical debate.

The journal shows philosophy in the making, as a process rather than complete knowledge, as a path rather than just a result.

Since 2018, it has been publishing an annual monographic issue on a specific topic indicated in a Call for Papers. The issue remains open to discussion and further contributions for a year.

The journal focuses on the transmission of texts in the era of "Literary Modernity", especially on transformations introduced in the last two and a half centuries in the publishing of past or contemporary literary texts.

The philological study of printed texts and manuscripts sheds light on the transmission of literary texts through publishers' choices.

Founded in 1967, it is an Italian academic journal with an international profile. It intends to provide updates, comments and insight on the veterinary regulatory framework and to enhance Italian research in this sector. With a target audience of professionals and experts in the field, it is a tool for dissemination, discussion and synergy, a bridge between normative theory and everyday practice.

It is a quarterly scientific e-journal on national and international organized crime.

The very first Italian project providing space to early-stage philosophical research. In our journal, you can read articles proposed by undergraduate, BA/MA and Ph.D. students, concerning the main themes of analytic philosophy, as well as material produced by the editorial staff (book reviews, conference reports, interviews).

Roars Transactions (RT), is an electronic open-access journal, published every six months. It draws on the experience of (Return on Academic ReSearch), a collective blog (in Italian) dedicated to the monitoring and critical examination of policy measures and trends in higher education and public research. RT aims at extending the blog's scope and depth, by soliciting scholarly contributions worldwide.

The journal was conceived by a working group gathered around a Research project of national interest (PRIN 2012) on the relationship between cinema and Catholic culture in Italy. Its culturalist and historicist methodological approach focuses on the study of film audience and consumption.

Each issue includes a call-inspired monographic part, and a part that is not necessarily connected to the call themes.

Società e Diritti (Sociedad y derechos, Société et droits, Society and rights) publishes contributions on the general theory of law, jurisprudence and sociology of law, and promotes dialogue between jurists and criminologists, sociologists and philosophers of law with the purpose of making a direct impact on applied research.

With its editorial line, the journal aims to be an instrument and a manifesto for the plurality and pluralism of schools and orientations on the subject of religious freedom and conviction, relations between States and churches, and religious rights, at national, EU and international level.

The journal publishes essays on medieval history, palaeography and diplomatics, with a preference for original research that uses as-yet-unpublished sources.

Studia Austriaca is an international journal devoted to the study of Austrian culture and literature. It is published annually, in the spring, as an online journal hosted by the University of Milan under OJS (Open Journal Systems).

Its international profile is emphasized by the breadth of its Editorial Board and by the commitment to publish essays not only in German and Italian, but also in English and other European languages.

Studia Theodisca is an international journal devoted to the study of German culture and literature. It is published annually, in the autumn, as an online journal hosted by the University of Milan under OJS (Open Journal Systems).

Its international profile is emphasized by the breadth of its Editorial Board and by the commitment to publish essays not only in German and Italian, but also in English and other European languages.

Tintas provides scholars from foreign countries and other Italian universities with ample space for critical debate on literature, translation theory and linguistics in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world, both in Europe and other continents. Works related to literature in the Catalan, Galician and Basque languages will also be included.

It is a yearly publication in three languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese), with the possibility of partly monographic issues.

Artistic and scientific heritage and history
  • Universitas Studiorum Mediolanensis 1924-1994
  • Le tavole parietali del Dipartimento di Biologia
  • La Collezione Garnier Valletti 
  • Cellae in Hospitali existentes - gli scavi nei cortili della Ca' Granda
  • Tra Gargnano e Toscolano - l'Università degli Studi di Milano sul Lago di Garda
  • Colori in volo - il piumaggio degli uccelli
  • I cieli di Brera - Astronomia da Tolomeo a Balla
  • Parini e le arti nella Milano Neoclassica
  • Oltre il visibile - indagini riflettografiche
  • Bibliotheca Senatus Mediolanensis
  • Gemme, dalla corte imperiale alla corte celeste
  • Granito di Baveno - minerali, scultura, architettura
  • La valle dei Re riscoperta - I giornali di scavo di Victor Loret (1898-99) e altri inediti
  • Il tesoro della statale - Collezioni e identità di un grande Ateneo 
  • Arte e medicina - Le suggestioni di una grande collezione libraria
  • Rinascimento ritrovato - La chiesa e il convento di Santa Maria Annunziata ad Abbiategrasso
  • Rinascimento ritrovato - Nell’età di Bramante e Leonardo tra i Navigli e il Ticino
  • Amici di carta - Viaggio nella letteratura per i ragazzi
  • "Si consegna questo figlio" - L'assistenza all'infanzia e alla maternità 1456-1920
  • Acqua e civiltà nelle terramare - La vasca votiva di Noceto
  • I due Scheiwiller - Editoria e cultura nella Milano del Novecento
  • Egypt and the pharahos
  • Il cortile del "Richini"