Survey of the opinions of students

The student survey is integral to the Quality Assurance System, and one of the requirements for the accreditation of study programmes.

Through the survey, students have the opportunity to contribute to the continuous improvement of courses and programmes as a whole. Their active participation is essential and should be encouraged by sharing the results and the improvement actions taken based on their reports.

The survey was introduced by Law No. 370/1999. It has been available online since academic year 2014/15, through a set of questionnaires compliant with the AVA system guidelines.
With the start of distance learning in the second semester of academic year 2019/20, the course evaluation questionnaire has been revised in order to survey student opinions on this delivery mode.

The Quality Assurance Board is in charge of designing, implementing and optimizing the student survey system.

The Board has drawn up a University Policy, approved by the Academic Senate, with the aim of identifying shared guidelines on the use and analysis of the results of the survey and the communication of ensuing actions.

The Quality Assurance Board has also promoted the dissemination of presentations for teachers to illustrate the survey to students and encourage active participation.


Opinione degli studenti
Opinions of students

For information and teachers:

For students:
send your report to the email address indicated in the online procedure by clicking on “ General information and assistance "

The survey is aimed at all students enrolled in the study programmes running in the academic year in question. The questionnaires will be made available 2/3 through the course. The survey calendar may vary depending on the programme and is available on Unimia in the exams and student opinions section.

The questionnaire is anonymous. For the purposes of the survey, students fall into two categories:

  • attending students (those attending more than 50% of the lessons in the current academic year);
  • non-attending students (those attending less than 50% of the lessons in the current academic year, as well as those who attended the course in previous years or have never attended the course).

There is one questionnaire per course. If the course is held by several teachers, the student will fill in the "teacher" section of the questionnaire for each teacher.

The questionnaire must be completed in a single session: it is not possible to save and resume later or to amend previously completed questionnaires.

Completing the questionnaire is mandatory. For the survey to be more effective, it is preferable to complete the questionnaire by the end of the lessons, based on recent impressions. It is not possible to register for an exam without completing the questionnaire.

Each student can access the questionnaire from their personal Unimia page or from the survey service.

As of the second semester of 2019/20, a revised distance-learning questionnaire is available.


As of academic year 2018/19, the University has launched an experiment to verify the feasibility of an online survey at a dedicated time in class.

The experiment, temporarily suspended for academic year 2020/21 due to the ongoing health emergency, initially involved the study programmes of the School of Exercise and Sports Sciences and some study programmes of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences. During academic year 2019/20, and until the outbreak of the pandemic, the experiment was extended to all the study programmes of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.

Teachers can guide students in identifying the questionnaire to be filled in using a survey code, and can check the total number of completed questionnaires in real time. After the survey, the teacher can view and discuss with students the open comments in the questionnaires. Each student participates in the survey using their personal device (smartphone, tablet, PC).

The data collected is processed in the form of an aggregated report at the course and study programme level, and made available to all teachers and academic bodies (Chair of the Academic Board, Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committee, Department Head, Chair of the Executive Committee) for assessment.

The results of the survey are available in the box at the top of the page by clicking on "View results". The public summary was produced according to the instructions set out in the University Student Survey Policy. The data can be consulted dynamically.

Furthermore, the Independent Evaluation Unit annually draws up a report on the student survey system, which provides an analysis of aggregate results at the university and study programme level. The report refers to the latest survey available and, as of academic year 2011/12, is part of the AVA Report of the Independent Evaluation Unit pursuant to Legislative Decree 19/2012, art. 12 and art. 14.

A dedicated online back-office service allows teachers to:

  • View the statistical report in pdf
  • Request and consult the report of open answers
  • Manage the survey in class

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