Third Mission

In addition to its two key functions – scientific research and education – the University engages in Third Mission activities aimed at spreading culture, knowledge and transferring research results outside the academic community, thus contributing to social and cultural growth.

The University intends to be an economic and cultural engine for the local area, fostering progress and innovation, promoting dialogue and interaction with citizens, the economic system and public and private institutions.

In the "knowledge society", we will leverage our multidisciplinary skills to create synergies, and promote collaborations and exchanges both internally and externally.

Persone che camminano

The office of Vice-Rector for the Third Mission has been held since October 2018 by Marina Carini, Professor of Pharmaceutical, Toxicological, Food  and Nutraceutical Chemistry and Technology, at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


Vice Rector for the Third Mission, the Loal Area and Cultural Activities
The University and the local area
Enhancing the value of research
Historical and scientific heritage
The museum system, the libraries, collections and archives, publishing activity and the beautiful Ca 'Granda.
Responsabilità sociale

Public engagement, salute pubblica, sostenibilità, impegno sociale, formazione e relazioni con il mondo produttivo: tutto sulla relazione tra l'Ateneo e il territorio.

The University and the world of work