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A.A. 2019/2020
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The course is designed for second-year doctoral students, and is aimed at providing ideas for research. It will cover a selection of topics in Public Economics, blending theory and empirics, with a focus on general concepts more than on detailed models. Examples of such concepts include: wellbeing and social welfare functions; shadow prices and planning; externalities; public goods; institutions.The main objective is to develop an understanding of what government actually does and what it should do to improve well-being, with some examples on how to ask a research question and try to answer it by empirical approaches.
Knowledge of Intermediate Public Finance and Macroeconomic Theory.
For second year students - Not mandatory
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Generalmente Mercoledi 16.30-19.30. E' sempre necessario contattare in anticipo il docente per mail per fissare l' appuntamento.
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