Food security and rural development

A.A. 2016/2017
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The course aims to describe and analyse the different dimensions of food security and rural development with specific regard to developing countries. The course is organized in two sections.
In the first section students learn topics related to the definition and the challenge of global food security.
In the second part students focus on the food security in West Africa, facing the main issue of urbanization and settlement dymanics, market dynamics and the challenges of the future agricultural systems .

Goals and learning outcomes
The course will introduce students to basic and advanced topics in food security and rural development with specific regard to developing countries.
Programma e organizzazione didattica

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Secondo semestre
1. Definition(s) of Food Security (Availability, Access, Utilization, Stability)
2. Definition(s) and goals of Rural Development in developing countries
3. Sustainable Development Goals

The Challenge of Global Food Security
4. Ensuring global food availability
5. Food demand, supply response and price volatility
6. Easing supply constrains
7. Improving demand

Land Tenure and Food Security
7. Official vs customary land tenure
8. Large-scale land acquisition and "land grabbing"
9. Women and land

Food Security in West Africa
10. Urban vs rural
11. Agricultural performance and settlement dymamics
12. The nature of crises, risks and resilience

Migration and Multifaced urbanization
13. Migration patterns
14. Growing urbanisation
15. Relationship between urban and rural population

Economic and Social Transformation
16. The role of informal economy
17. Informal and urbanisation
18. Informal economy and food security

The Future of Afgricultural Systems
19. Market dynamics
20. New models of farms
21. Investments in agriculture
Materiale didattico e bibliografia
Readings International agrifood markets and policies:

Course slides
OECD (2013) Global Food Security. Challenges for the food and agricultural system. OECD Publishing, DOI: 10.1787/9789264195363-en
OECD (2013) West African Studies. Settlement, Market and Food Security. DOI: 10.1787/9789264187443-en
Lezioni: 48 ore
Docente: Corsi Stefano
DEMM (via Celoria)