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A.A. 2016/2017
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The aim of the course is to prepare the students to critically assess the importance of EU Labour Law, providing them with the tools to understand the roadmap of the EU Labour Law and its fundamental areas.
A successful candidate on this Course should identify, apply, analyse and critically evaluate the basics of the framework of EU Labour Law.

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Lezioni: 45 ore
Docente: Jacobs Antonius Timotheus Josephus Ma
The course gives an overview and deals with the background and sources of Labour Law and social policy of the European Union. In particular the course focuses on the study of: fundamental social rights, free movement of workers, employment policies, conditions of employment, equal treatment, dismissals and transfer of undertakings, industrial democracy.
Informazioni sul programma
If interested in a final dissertation on European Labour Law students are invited to contact Dott. Francesca Marinelli (
Prerequisiti e modalità di esame
The knowledge of Italian Labour Law and Employment law is recommended.

A final written exam at the end of the course.
The students will be required to make also a short written assignment (ca. 5-10 pages) about one of the subject matters of the lectures. The assignment will make up 50% of the final mark for the course.

*Three extra credits (related to the knowledge of a foreign language) will be granted if the final exam is passed.
Materiale didattico e bibliografia
The students will be provided with three syllabi:
a) a syllabus containing all the legal texts of European Labour Law in the English language;
b) a syllabus containing the texts of the most important case law of the European Courts on European Labour Law in the English Language;
c) a syllabus containing a comment on European Labour Law in the English language.
The power point projections of the subject matters will be given.
All these materials will also be digitally available on ARIEL
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