Access to justice in a multilevel constitutional system

A.A. 2017/2018
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The purpose of the course is to examine the fundamental legal tools and safeguards, which grant human rights' effectiveness in view of sustainable development. The right to a fair trial (with its main guarantees: from the right to have a judge to the right to obtain the execution of judgments) constitutes the basic prerequisite for any investigation on the protection and implementation of fundamental rights.

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Part I. An overview of national and regional systems for human rights protection
1. Structure, jurisdiction and purpose.
2. Models of integration, cooperation and coordination of different levels of protection.

Part II. The challenge of human rights effectiveness: the right to a fair trial
1. Key aspects of the right of access to a Court.
2. Challenges and limitations on the right of access to justice.
3. Individual application to the European Court of Human Rights.

Part III. Instrumental rights v substantive rights.
4. Comparison between the national and supranational case-law concerning the right to a fair trial as the main instrumental right.
5. The right to a fair trial as a key to protect the rights to life, health, environment and housing.
Prerequisiti e modalità di esame
Although there are no formal requirements to attend this course, students will be expected to have a basic understanding of the main aspects of Constitutional and International law. A good command of English is also required, as lessons will be held in this language.

Students will be required to attend at least 75% of classes to be able to sit the exam.

Students can choose between an oral or a written examination.
Written examination consists of a preparation of an essay on an agreed subject.
Metodi didattici
Presentations and teamwork will be organised during the course.
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Students will find notes and other materials on the university's online platform "Ariel".
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