Bioengineering informatics

A.A. 2017/2018
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Docente: Sassi Roberto
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The course is a one semester advanced class in signal processing with specific application to biomedical signals.

Introduction & review
- Properties of biological signals
- Statistical characterization of signals
- Stochastic processes
- Linear Time-invariant(LTI) systems, frequencyresponseand transfer function.
- Finite and infinite impulseresponsefilters(FIR & IIR). Linear-phaseFIR filterdesign by windowsmethod. IIR filterdesign by polesand zerosplacement. ClassicalIIR filters.
- Autoregressive(stochastic) processesasmodelsof signals. AR modelsorderselection.
- Estimationtheorybasics: accuracy, trueness, precision.

Spectral analysis
- Non parametric and Parametric spectral estimators
- Spectral analysis of non-evenly sampled series

Source separation
- Enhancement of repetitive patterns through averaging
- Mean and exponential average
- Cross-correlation& matchedfilters

Long time correlations and fractals signals
- Long memory processes
- Estimation of scaling in time series

Entropies and regularity
- Entropy as a measure of information rate
- Entropy as a measure of regularity
- Entropy practical estimators
Prerequisiti e modalità di esame
The grading of the class is performed through a written examination (plus a quick oral interview where the results of the written examination are discussed) which can be substituted with a project assigned under request by the instructor.
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