European criminal law, human rights and sustainable development

A.A. 2017/2018
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The course will offer students an opportunity to become acquainted with relevant concepts of both EU and ECHR Law in criminal matters. With regard to the specific topics listed in part III, the course aims at providing an in-depth knowledge of the European criminal law and the system of human rights protection before the Strasbourg Court. Finally, the course represents a chance to discuss the impact of criminal law policies and the enforcement of human rights on the goal of sustainable development.
At the end of the course students must have demonstrated the ability to:
· Understand key concepts of European criminal law and Human Rights protection in the field of criminal law;
· Understand and think critically about the current role played in Europe by criminal law policy and Human Rights protection mechanisms, with particular regard to their impact on the goal of sustainable development;
· Analyze and interpret provisions related to European criminal law and Human Rights law, as well as arguing differing interpretations of them;
· Extract rules from case studies;
· Apply knowledge and critical thinking skills to perform competent legal analysis, reasoning, and problem solving;
· Effectively communicate legal concepts orally and in writing.

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