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Coordinatore Del Dottorato Di Ricerca

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Via Mangiagalli, 31
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 15385
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02 503 15385
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Luogo di ricevimento
Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche per la Salute - via Mangiagalli 31, Milano



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  • 3D analysis of smiling function in healthy people: influence of sex and age / D. Gibelli, F. Tarabbia, S. Restelli, G.D. Orabona, C. Dolci, L. Califano, F. Biglioli, C. Sforza. - In: JOURNAL OF PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE & AESTHETIC SURGERY. - ISSN 1748-6815. - 73:1(2020 Jan), pp. 184-199.
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