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A.A. 2020/2021
Scuole di specializzazione in veterinaria


  • Variation of skeletal muscle ultrasound imaging intensity in horses after treadmill exercise: a proof of concept for glycogen content estimation / S.A. Tabozzi, G. Stancari, E. Zucca, M. Tajoli, L. Stucchi, C.L. Lafortuna, F. Ferrucci. - In: BMC VETERINARY RESEARCH. - ISSN 1746-6148. - 17:1(2021 Mar 16).
  • Recurrent equine capillary haemangioma treated with adjunctive laser photocoagulation therapy: a case report / B. Conturba, C.M. Lo Feudo, L. Stucchi, G. Stancari, L. Olivieri, F. Ferrucci. - In: VETERINARY DERMATOLOGY. - ISSN 0959-4493. - (2021). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Evaluation of a smartphone-based electrocardiogram device accuracy in field and in hospital conditions in horses / E. Alberti, L. Stucchi, V. Pesce, G. Stancari, E. Ferro, F. Ferrucci, E. Zucca. - In: VETERINARY RECORD OPEN. - ISSN 2052-6113. - 7:1(2020 Dec), pp. e000441.1-e000441.7.
  • The relationship between lung inflammation and aerobic threshold in standardbred racehorses with mild-moderate equine asthma / L. Stucchi, E. Alberti, G. Stancari, B. Conturba, E. Zucca, F. Ferrucci. - In: ANIMALS. - ISSN 2076-2615. - 10:8(2020 Aug), pp. 1278.1-1278.7.
  • Indirect blood pressure measurement in horses: is there an influence of age, sex, breed, bodyweight and cardiac diseases on pressure values? / E. Alberti, L. Stucchi, G. Stancari, E. Ferro, F. Ferrucci, E. Zucca. - In: JOURNAL OF EQUINE VETERINARY SCIENCE. - ISSN 0737-0806. - 79(2019 Aug), pp. 139-144.