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  • Respiratory syncytial virus in influenza-like illness cases: Epidemiology and molecular analyses of four consecutive winter seasons (2014-2015/2017-2018) in Lombardy (Northern Italy) / L. Pellegrinelli, C. Galli, L. Bubba, D. Cereda, G. Anselmi, S. Binda, M. Gramegna, E. Pariani. - In: JOURNAL OF MEDICAL VIROLOGY. - ISSN 0146-6615. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Epidemiology and molecular characterization of influenza viruses, human parechoviruses and enteroviruses in children up to 5 years with influenza-like illness in Northern Italy during seven consecutive winter seasons (2010-2017) / L. Pellegrinelli, L. Bubba, C. Galli, G. Anselmi, V. Primache, S. Binda, E. Pariani. - In: JOURNAL OF GENERAL VIROLOGY. - ISSN 0022-1317. - 98:11(2017 Nov), pp. 000937.2699-000937.2711.
  • Prevalence of Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection Assessed Through Viral Genome Detection in Dried Blood Spots in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders / I. Gentile, E. Zappulo, M.P. Riccio, S. Binda, L. Bubba, L. Pellegrinelli, D. Scognamiglio, F. Operto, L. Margari, G. Borgia, C. Bravaccio. - In: IN VIVO. - ISSN 0258-851X. - 31:3(2017 Apr), pp. 467-473.
  • A 4-year Study on Epidemiologic and Molecular Characteristics of Human Parechoviruses and Enteroviruses Circulating in Children Younger Than 5 Years in Northern Italy / L. Bubba, M. Martinelli, L. Pellegrinelli, V. Primache, E. Tanzi, E. Pariani, S. Binda. - In: THE PEDIATRIC INFECTIOUS DISEASE JOURNAL. - ISSN 0891-3668. - 36:1(2017 Jan), pp. 13-19.
  • Surveillance of poliomyelitis in Northern Italy : results of acute flaccid paralysis surveillance and environmental surveillance, 2012–2015 / L. Pellegrinelli, L. Bubba, V. Primache, E. Pariani, A. Battistone, R. Delogu, S. Fiore, S. Binda. - In: HUMAN VACCINES & IMMUNOTHERAPEUTICS. - ISSN 2164-5515. - 13:2(2017), pp. 332-338.