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25048 EDOLO (BS)

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  • Characterization of “Mais delle Fiorine” (Zea mays L.) and nutritional, morphometric and genetic comparison with other maize landraces of Lombardy region (Northern Italy) / L. Giupponi, V. Leoni, F. Colombo, E. Cassani, M. Hejna, L. Rossi, R. Pilu. - In: GENETIC RESOURCES AND CROP EVOLUTION. - ISSN 0925-9864. - 68:5(2021 Jun), pp. 2075-2091.
  • Comparing Wild and Cultivated Arnica montana L. from the Italian Alps to Explore the Possibility of Sustainable Production Using Local Seeds / V. Leoni, G. Borgonovo, L. Giupponi, A. Bassoli, D. Pedrali, M. Zuccolo, A. Rodari, A. Giorgi. - In: SUSTAINABILITY. - ISSN 2071-1050. - 13:6(2021 Mar 18).
  • The analysis of Italian plant agrobiodiversity databases reveals that hilly and sub-mountain areas are hotspots of herbaceous landraces / L. Giupponi, D. Pedrali, V. Leoni, A. Rodari, A. Giorgi. - In: DIVERSITY. - ISSN 1424-2818. - 13:2(2021 Feb 09), pp. 70.1-70.17.
  • VegeT: An Easy Tool to Classify and Facilitate the Management of Seminatural Grasslands and Dynamically Connected Vegetation of the Alps / L. Giupponi, V. Leoni. - In: LAND. - ISSN 2073-445X. - 2020:9(2020 Nov 24), pp. 473.1-473.18.
  • Alpine pioneer plants in soil bioengineering for slope stabilization and restoration : results of a preliminary analysis of seed germination and future perspectives / L. Giupponi, V. Leoni. - In: SUSTAINABILITY. - ISSN 2071-1050. - 12(2020 Sep 03), pp. 7190.1-7190.15.