Biotechnology for the Bioeconomy  

Classification of Scholarly Field LM-7 Agriculture biotechnologies
Application and Admission Open, subject to entry requirements. How to apply.
Course Duration 2 years - Degree Syllabus
Course Attendance Recommended
Course Location Didactic Sector, via Golgi 19, via Celoria 2
Course Language English
Head of Studies Sara Borin
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Course Objectives

The Biotechnology for the Bioeconomy master degree aims at providing students with advanced molecular and cellular background of microbial and plant systems, which are the basis for the several sectors of the biotechnologies applied to the bioeconomy.

The Biotechnology for the bioeconomy master degree will equip students with a solid and broad expertise about the structure and function of biological macromolecules of interest for the bioeconomy sector. In addition, the Biotechnology for the bioeconomy master degree will provide theoretical and practical instruments for the set up, analyses and improvement of biotechnological processes for the transformation of renewable raw materials in biotechnological processes exploiting microorganisms, plant systems and enzymes.

Career and Employment

The employment opportunities are in research bodies (public and private) and bio-based chemical, pharmaceutical, agro-food, and biotechnological enterprises. Graduates in BforB are experts in planning, development, analyses and control of processes for:

  • production of microbial metabolites and renewable energy
  • waste biomass recycling (promoting the circular economy)
  • plant and microbial cell as biofactories in the green chemistry and bio-based industry
  • bioremediation of contaminated environments.