Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

General information

Classification of Scholarly Field L-2 Biotechnologies
Application and Admission Entrance examination. See Application and admission 
Course Duration 3 years
Course Attendance Mandatory
Course Location Lecture rooms in Città Studi - Milano
Head of Studies Donatella Taramelli
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Course Objectives

The course is designed to equip graduates with a sufficient basic grounding in biology, pharmacology, chemistry, pharmaceutics and bioinformatics, provided from a molecular and cellular perspective in the context of physiopathology.

Graduates must possess sufficient knowledge of and experimental training in the techniques employed for the production of medicines, goods and services through the use of biological systems.

They must:

  • be familiar with scientific methodology and able to apply it in concrete situations
  • possess sufficient knowledge of the regulations and ethical and bioethical issues
  • have a good command of at least English, in addition to Italian, both within their specific area of competence and for the exchange of general information
  • possess sufficient knowledge of operational economics, national and European regulations and communication and general information tools
  • be able to draft technical and scientific reports
  • be able to work as part of a group with a set degree of autonomy.

Career and Employment

 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology graduates can pursue careers in the following professional fields:

  • the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries
  • publishing and the diffusion of scientific information
  • toxicological and environmental survey and research centres
  • universities and other public and private research institutes and bodies
  • pharmaceutical research, biotechnological diagnostic research and development centres
  • biotechnological service centres
  • National Health System facilities
  • authorities responsible for drafting patent and healthcare regulations regarding the utilisation of biotechnological products.