Humanities  Lettere

General information

Classification of Scholarly Field L-10 Humanities
Application and Admission Open. How to apply.
Course Duration 3 years
Course Attendance Not mandatory
Course Language Italian
Course Location via Festa del Perdono 7 - Milano
Head of Studies Claudia Berra
More information Course website
Programme Description

Course Objectives

The Humanities degree programme provides students with a solid methodological and historic grounding in linguistic, philological and literary studies, from antiquity to the Latin Middle Ages and early Romanic period up to the modern and contemporary periods, also in relation to European cultures.

The goal is to provide students with the necessary skills to competently tackle, comprehend and analyse original texts and documents.

As well as a firm grasp of literary and linguistic concepts, the course also provides students with a grounding in the historic, geographic and artistic culture of the classical, medieval, modern and contemporary ages, good knowledge of at least one other EU language besides Italian, and the capacity to make critical use of biographical and computer tools within their specific area of competence.

Career and Employment

On the strength of their competences and knowledge, Humanities graduates can pursue professions in the following fields: publishing, journalism, institutions in charge of the organisation and promotion of cultural activities, and all other sectors which require specific literary and linguistic expertise.

Graduates from the three-year Humanities degree programme can also go on to pursue first-level master programmes and a range of concrete work experiences, particularly in the fields of publishing, advertising, and teaching Italian as a foreign language.

Humanities graduates also possess the fundamental humanistic training required to pursue a career in teaching in lower and upper secondary schools, as per Ministerial Decree No. 249/2010.