Modern Humanities  Lettere moderne

General information

Classification of Scholarly Field LM-14 Modern philology
Application and Admission Open, subject to entry requirements. How to apply
Course Duration 2 years
Course Attendance Not mandatory
Course Language Italian
Course Location via Festa del Perdono 7 - Milano
Head of Studies Bruno Falcetto
More information Programme Description (Italian)
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Course Objectives

The master degree programme in Modern Humanities aims to provide students with an in-depth grounding in the field of literary, linguistic and philological study, from their Medieval Latin and Romance origins to contemporary Italian literature.

As the course progresses, students have the opportunity to determine their own study pathway through a curriculum that covers such diverse fields as the philology of Medieval Latin and Romance languages and literatures (also through comparative study), Italian linguistics (also in relation to social uses and geo-linguistic aspects, literary language and its formal structures), the history of Italian literature (in all its problematic and critical aspects), and contemporary literature (also with reference to the communication processes and mechanisms of publishing).

Career and Employment

The master degree programme in Modern Humanities is designed to prepare intellectual figures equipped to pursue all professional occupations that require a sound general cultural education and literary and humanistic competences.

The curriculum enables students to acquire the credits required to pursue an active training placement (TFA) as per article 10 of Ministerial Decree 249/2010, in order to become teachers in upper secondary schools, upon initiation of the specific degree programme.

The curriculum will also include a specific pathway dedicated to pursuing lower secondary school teacher training, as per article 7 of the same decree, table 2.