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International Medical School  Medicine in English

General information

Classification of Scholarly Field LM-41 Medicine and surgery
Application and Admission Limited enrolment with admission test.
Application for admission test on .
Course Duration 6 years - See the Study plan
Course Attendance Mandatory
Course Location LITA, via F.lli Cervi, 93 - Segrate (MI)
Course Language English
Head of Studies Gabriella Cerri
Course Website International Medical School - Milan

Course Objectives

The degree programme is designed to provide graduates with both a solid, up-to-date scientific understanding of medicine, and a deep appreciation of the human and social complexities associated with health and disease.

Graduates must therefore possess both a sound scientific grounding, and the requisite theoretic, practical and social preparation to practice medicine.

Students will be encouraged to dedicate constant attention to the human aspects of health and disease and to develop the capacity to confront medical problems using a scientific approach and methodology, which they will also build upon through their participation in research projects. Students will also be equipped to analyse data critically and autonomously, verifying their scientific basis while always taking health costs into consideration.

The International Medical degree programme - which is held at the facilities of LITA-Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Advanced Technologies, in Segrate (preclinical activities/first two years of the programme) and at "Luigi Sacco" Hospital, in Milan (clinical training/ years 3-6) - aims to contribute to the process of cultural and professional integration through an international training structure.

In addition to lessons and didactic activities held entirely in English, the programme includes training periods abroad and courses provided by tutors from prestigious foreign universities.

The course is also distinguished by a number of innovative teaching methods, connected to the use of advanced training tools such as PBL (problem based learning), interactive sessions and small groups, a strong sense of interdisciplinarity, internships in research laboratories, and broad clinical training characterised by a tutoring system which is particularly conducive to learning.

Career and Employment

Medicine and Surgery graduates can pursue medical and surgery occupations in a range of professional clinical, healthcare and bio-medical professional roles and sectors.

The Medicine and Surgery degree programme provides an entry point to the State Examination required to qualify to practice as a surgeon-physician, upon successful completion of which it is then possible to register with the relevant professional body.

The Medicine and Surgery degree qualification is also a prerequisite for entering Specialisation Schools in the medical sphere and the Regional School of General Medicine.