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Welcome Day 2023
Great Hall, 30 November, 2.00 pm
Studenti in Aula Magna
How to participate

To take part in the event, you have to sign up at the link you received via e-mail.

Applications for academic year 2024/2025

You can now apply for our open-admission Master’s degree programmes for the academic year 2024/2025.

Non-EU students VISA applicants can apply for admission until 31 March 2024, except for some degree programmes. Check the deadline for the degree programme you are interested in.

International students are also required to follow the instructions available on the webpage International enrolment in degree programmes.

As of 2024, you can access the University's admission / enrolment / education incentive programmes and information services by using your SPID identity. Further information is available on the Registration page.

There are several information and guidance services for international students enrolling at the University of Milan or on mobility programmes.

Welcome Day 
New international students can learn about dedicated services and opportunities at the University Welcome Day, co-organized by the International Students Office, the Registrars, the Career Guidance Service, the Student Sports Association and the Municipality of Milan.

Welcome Guide and Vademecum
You can also check out the Welcome Guide and Vademecum, which are available both online and on print.

International Welcome Desk

As part of our commitment to supporting our international student community, we are pleased to introduce our new dedicated service, the International Welcome Desk.

This new service will assist you whether you have questions about visas, need help with study plans, lessons, accommodation or scholarship, seek guidance on cultural adaptation, or just want to connect with fellow students.

The International Welcome Desk team is available every day from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 16.00 at the following addresses and through the following Teams accounts for chat only:


Chat account MS teams

Via Festa del Perdono 7

[email protected]

Via Santa Sofia 9

[email protected]

Via Conservatorio 7

[email protected]

Via Celoria 18

[email protected]

Piazza I. Montanelli 1 (Sesto San Giovanni)

[email protected]


Welcome desk

International students who decide to study in Italy often find themselves thrown into a very different system and culture. They have to deal with unfamiliar and sometimes complex bureaucratic procedures.

That is why we have created the Welcome Desk, a service for international students who come to Milan for the first time, as well as those who already live in the city and need to verify the validity of academic qualifications obtained abroad in order to enrol in one of our courses.

The Welcome Desk will help your get started in your journey. 

How to access the service

The Welcome Desk is located on Via S. Sofia, near the main campus on Via Festa del Perdono.
You will have to make an appointment, following these instructions:

  1. Register on the portal
  2. Access Informastudenti
  3. Select "First-year international students", and a day and time for your appointment

International Students - Welcome Desk

To book an appointment, visit Student Desks - Locations and opening hours.

If you have obtained your qualification abroad, please contact the International Students and Double Degree Programme Office’s Welcome Desk by opening a request on InformaStudenti, category International.

Guidance and placement services

Guidance services for choosing a course of study, internship and job search: 

Cosp - University Study and Career Guidance Services



Section: Orientamento alla scelta del corso

Tel. +39 02 503 12113-13779

Cosp Instagram profile

Information and appointments:
Contact Center – Informastudenti

Filing a complaint is one of several ways to get your voice heard by those who have the authority and competence to respond immediately and effectively, and to solve problems. A report on student complaints is regularly sent to the study programme boards, the Quality Assurance Board and the General Director.

Complaints must be submitted through an online procedure with separate forms for 4 macro areas of study.