Computer Science  Informatica

General information

Classification of Scholarly Field L-31 Computer science
Application and Admission Open with admission self-assessment test. How to apply.
Course Duration 3 years
Course Attendance Highly recommended
Course Language Italian
Course Location Milano:
Dipartimento di Informatica di via Comelico 39/41
Dipartimento di Informatica di via Bramante 65
Head of Studies Alessandro Rizzi
Course Website Programme Description

Course Objectives

The Information Technology degree programme is designed to provide students with a firm basic and methodological grounding in the main computing sectors, underpinned by a good command of computing methodologies and technologies. The aim of the course is to equip graduates with sufficient, up-to-date training in the various fields of application and the ability to assimilate, understand and evaluate the impact of the constant advances in science and technology.

The course aims to produce graduates who:

  • possess a solid basic grounding and a broad sphere of knowledge and competences in the various computing sectors, for use in the design, development and management of computing systems in a vast range of spheres
  • are familiar with the methodology of scientific investigation, possess solid modelling skills and understand and have a good command of mathematical support tools for computer processes
  • are competent in English, as well as Italian, both within their specific sphere of competences and for the exchange of general information
  • can work as part of a group, operate independently and quickly integrate themselves into working environments.

Career and Employment

The Information Technology degree programme is designed to produce professional figures equipped for immediate entry into the workplace, qualified to assist with professional, technical and operational tasks in relation to consultancy and the analysis, design, management, maintenance and marketing of small and medium-sized computer systems.

Graduates can work in a wide range of fields in the design and management of computer systems for the design of new systems and applications. This line of work can be pursued all spheres of the public and private sector which use computer technologies.

The most pertinent market segments are therefore: banks, insurance companies, public administrations, service companies and industries, with particular reference to all those sectors which are connected with telecommunications and the media, health, logistics and transport.