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Informatics Security - Crema Location  Sicurezza informatica - Crema

General information

Classification of Scholarly Field LM-66 Comupter science security
Application and Admission Open with entry requirements examination. How to apply.
Course Duration 2 years
Course Attendance Highly recommended
Course Language Italian
Course Location via Bramante 65 - Crema
Head of Studies Alessandro Rizzi
Course Website Programme Description

Course Objectives

The master degree programme in Information Technology Security trains specialists equipped to research, design, produce, assess, coordinate and manage the computer systems employed in all areas of computer technology and science, in connection with the security and protection of systems, networks and computer infrastructure, and the secure and confidential processing of data.

Graduates deal with the design, development, production, assessment, maintenance, control and management of secure and protected computer systems and infrastructure.

Their work is targeted first and foremost at the continuous improvement of secure and protected computer systems, also in terms of the secure management of sensitive data.

These competences are underpinned by a capacity to adopt and propose key innovations in the sector within the relevant field of application.

The master degree programme is therefore designed to train professionals equipped with advanced scientific and technological competences, methodological and operational skills and an open, critical approach to issues connected with the use and adoption of computer technologies.

Career and Employment

Information Technology Security graduates are qualified to assume positions of high responsibility within projects that involve consultancy and the analysis, design, management, maintenance, and marketing of medium to large-scale computer systems.

Graduates can operate in a wide range of fields connected with the design and management of computer and telematics systems and the study of new systems and applications.

This line of work can be pursued in all areas of the public and private sector that make use of computer technologies. The most pertinent market segments are therefore: banks, insurance companies, logistics and transport, health, public administrations, telecommunications and the media, service companies, and industry.