Physics  Fisica

General information

Classification of Scholarly Field L-30 Physics
Application and Admission Open. How to apply
Course Duration 3 years
Course Attendance Mandatory
Course Language Italian
Course Location via Celoria 16 - Milano
Head of Studies Alberto Pullia
Course Website Programme Description

Course Objectives

The degree programme provides students with the methodological, experimental, theoretical and mathematical fundamentals of physics.

Students develop a sound basic understanding of the field of classical, relativistic and quantum physics in relation to phenomenological and theoretical questions and their mathematical formalisation, together with the foundations of modern physics.

The course also equips students with a good grasp of modern laboratory techniques and the techniques for acquiring and analysing experimental data, basic knowledge of computer tools and their application to physics.

Graduates possess an excellent command of mathematical methods, both in their application to physics and as modelling and system analysis tools.

Career and Employment

The degree programme in Physics qualifies graduates to enter all sectors of work characterised by high technological innovation, providing a solid understanding of innovative methodologies and a good command of complex equipment.

Physics graduates can pursue careers in the field of fundamental research, both theoretic and experimental. Their competences also qualify them, moreover, to pursue a range of other occupations in the public and private spheres.

After the three-year degree programme, graduates have already acquired the necessary training to apply the methodologies of physics in a diverse range of fields, such as those of economics and biology, which offer a multitude of opportunities for physicists.

Relevant sectors include industry, in particular electronics, research and development laboratories, the use of calculators, and the commercial technical and scientific sector.